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28 march 2022

I have Elias back, but also random untreatable ailments. This time, it’s a perpetually elevated heart rate that has me constantly exhausted. Hands are shaking so much that fine work is near impossible. I’ve found, however, that the rate doesn’t go up much more when lifting heavy things, nor does avoiding coffee seem to help, so I figure with passing out to rely on as a fuse, I’ll be finishing up all the big stuff moving while propping myself up on gallons of espresso.

There isn’t a lot left in the old dungeon studio to move, anyhow. My go to table saw, which I’ve since replaced with a much older unit. My scroll saw, which, while still fun, has lost a lot of its allure when contrasted with the gigantic bandsaw. A lot of machine parts and materials that I’ll need, but until I decide on cabinetry, then design, build, and install said cabinetry, there’s no rush. Just lots of small and medium bits to make necessary lots of little trips. Getting there, though.

My goal for the first quarter was to complete my two large standing commissions and get functionally moved into the studio. First commission’s done, second one was delayed by Elias’s six week long convalescence and issues with the client’s other contractors, but is moving on, now. Power is still a big issue in the shop, but with spring coming, I won’t need the heater, which frees up a few more amps to hold me over until the new line comes in. Counter to my normal inclination, I’ll count this as a success.

Speaking of spring, I’ve gone through my bags of seeds and my scattered horticultural supplies. By the end of april, I mean to have a miniature herb garden outside the studio.

I’m so excited for the growing season. I haven’t been able to garden since my roommates occurred. I’ve managed to keep a handful of herbs and succulents alive indoors over the past two years and I can’t wait to get them outside and let them grow more fully into their potentials.

I’ve got six avocado stones sprouted. I’ve been playing with designs for avocado rafts and planters, but I won’t really have an idea of what I like until I get some leaves.

I missed horticulture so incredibly much. I can’t wait to get back into it.